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The Medea company was established in 1905 and it has a huge experience in Liberty style furniture and interior production. Classic irreproachability, the elegant of facing and functionality of models - all of these are distinctive features of the company. Initially, company was specialized on chairs and armchairs production. These furniture items are more design demanding and historically occupied key positions in the furniture art.

Cornelio Cappellini.

Italian factory Cornelio Cappellini specializes on exquisite piece of furniture inspired by the beauty of the 18th century palace interiors. Company's masters manually work with wood and decorate furniture with elegant decor, which makes the furniture exclusive. There are the best materials that are used in furniture production, materials such as leather and fur, valuable breed tree, glass and rhinestone. Despite the specific "aged" appearance, furniture from Cornelio Cappellini has modern characteristics of reliability and practicality. Many of the details are carried out manually, which gives them more value and charm.


Italian factory Quadrifoglio embodies the quality and design "Made in Italy" in the collections of office furniture. Quadrifoglio furniture embodies the latest trends in the collections of european design office furniture for business centers, galleries and other commercial real estate. Quadrifoglio regularly introduces new line of furniture for offices, coworking, conference halls, meeting rooms, reception areas and other work areas.


Italian company Tosconova was established in 1963 in Tuscany. In a half of century family craft workshop turned into a furniture factory, making excellent high quality furniture. The furniture art traditions of Tuscan masters harmoniously combined with the latest design and technological advances.


Verona company specializes on the production of solid wood furniture. All products comply with european quality standards, products are made on european machines, with Italian fittings and varnishes, as well as luxury furniture textiles manufactured in Italy. The factory uses type of woods such as beech, walnut, larch, oak, ash and others. The combination of studio work on wood with a unique texture of natural materials creates a truly luxurious product that can fill any interior with comfort and warmth.


LAS company designs and manufactures widest range office furniture. In the catalog of LAS office furniture presented in all categories: furniture for ordinary employees, furniture for managers, office chairs and desks, furniture for arranging meeting rooms, soft sofas for foster and waiting areas. In order to increase business efficiency and improve comfort LAS Mobili produces bench systems and sound-absorbing panels.